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Who is WEMAX-EP?

Hong Kong management company responsible for overseas markets.The internet is your best weapon for developing a continuous overseas marketing strategy cost-effectively.

About Us

WEMAX-EP is an overseas company established in Hong Kong. Mainly engaged in trade operation and investment management. Trade operations mainly rely on the WELLZiON platform to connect with the supply chain in mainland China. At present, the wellzion platform mainly operates instrumentation products, and the product fields include general electronic testing, optical communication, non-destructive testing,color management test and so on. It integrates suppliers with technical advantages in various fields in mainland China to create a one-stop procurement service for global engineers.


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Our team

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in exporting electronic products. We have been engaged in the export business of Chinese instrumentation products since 2006.

  1. We are flexible enough in every way to make things easier and simpler.
  2. We maximize our ability to provide better product assortment.
  3. We minimise the risk of the entire transaction and keep it manageable.
  4. We keep total procurement costs to a minimum.
  5. We minimize lead times and enable fast shipping.