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Wemax-ep is an overseas company established in Hong Kong. Mainly engaged in trade operation and investment management.

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With more than 20 years of experience in exporting electronic products. We have been engaged in the export business of Chinese instrumentation products since 2006.

Trade Operations

Committed to bringing China’s lean manufacturing to the world and contributing to global scientific and technological progress.

Overseas Consult

Provide overseas customers with OEM, ODM special services to meet customer product needs.


Provide investment services for domestic supply chains and help companies operate in overseas markets.↗

Wemax-EP is mainly engaged in trading operations and investment management. Responsible for product overseas marketing, customer management, overseas business consulting, etc. ↗

WELLZiON is based in mainland China and strives to build an instrumentation supply chain platform. Committed to promoting lean products made in China into the hands of every engineer.

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Optic Fiber Solution:

Coating Thickness Gauge:

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