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  • 9kHz to 6.0GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

    Model: E8600A


    ●9kHz to 6GHz spectrum analyzer
    ●One-button measurements: Channel Power, ACPR, Field Strength, OBW
    ●Interference Analyzer: Spectrogram, Signal Strength, RSSI, Interference Location, XID, DPS, Delta Spectrum
    ●Indoor and outdoor coverage mapping
    ●Analysis of bandwidth with 20MHz
    ●Gate sweep for TD signal analysis
    ●DPS spectrum display of 250 μs minimum signal duration for 100% Probability of Intercept (POI)
    ●Remote control via Ethernet and USB data transfer
    ●The GPS rapid positioning interference location

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    • At present, the wireless communication of the world into the area of high speed, each country's FDD/TDD-LTE entered the commercial stage, but there is more to the radio spectrum environment complex, interference between different degree will use each fields that frequency band (e.g. "WLAN, mobile communications, radio and television, aerospace and military communication).
      Due to the maintenance difficulty rising and increased the cost of maintenance, E8000A series spectrum analyzers integrated test instrument can help engineers quickly checking interference source, but also on the 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE) to analyze a variety of mobile communication standards. Reduce the communication engineering maintenance difficulty, reduce maintenance cost.


    • Frequency
      Frequency range 9kHz~6.0GHz
      Resolution 1Hz
      The aging speed <±1*10-6/year
      Frequency span 1kHz to 6GHz and 0 Hz (zero span)
      Counting accuracy±1*10-6±1
      Resolution bandwidth (RBW) 1Hz to 3 MHz 10% step
      Bandwidth accuracy<±10%
      Selectivity(60dB/3dB bandwidth) <5:1
      Video bandwidth (VBW) 1Hz~3MHz 10% step
      Spectral Purity (Phase Noise)
      @ 1kHz OffsetTypical < -90 dBc/Hz
      @ 10kHz OffsetTypical < -100 dBc/Hz
      @ 100kHz OffsetTypical < -110 dBc/Hz
      Range 0dB~55dB
      Maximum safe Input +30dBm (peak power / entrance attenuation >15dB),50VDC
      TOITypical > +15dBm
      Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL)
      (DANL ATT=0, RBW=1Hz, Sample detector)
      Preamp off<=-150dBm, 1 MHz~1GHz
      <=-140dBm, 1GHz~3GHz
      <=-140dBm, 3GHz~6GHz
      Preamp on<=-162dBm, 1 MHz~1GHz
      <=-158dBm, 1GHz~3GHz
      <=-152dBm, 3GHz~6GHz
      Spurious response
      Second harmonic<-70   dBc -20dBm 1st. mixer input, the amplifier off
      Residual response<=-85dBm 1MHz~6000MHz  (no signal input attenuator, 0)
      Input / output index
      RF   In Type N,50Ω
      VSWRTypical <1.8 (10MHz~6000MHz, attenuator>=10dB)
      USB output1 USB2.0, 1 miniUSB
      LAN Adaptive   10M/100M
      Tracking generator (optional)optional support
      Battery type Rechargeable lithium battery 11.1V / 5.2Ah
      Charging time>4.5hours
      General Spec.
      Display6.5 inch TFT LCD
      Dimension(H*W*L)257mm* 75mm*185mm
      Weight <2.5kg
    • E8000A&E8400A&E8600A datasheet.pdf

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