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  • 60Mpa to 90Mpa High Strength Test Hammer

    Model: HT550


    ●Center rod use imported material, high precision and wear proof

    ●Shell use super hard aluminums, protect instrument from damage on site work and prolong use life

    ●Pointer slider is outside ring structure, easy to adjust friction, and assure equal friction between pointer slider and axis

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    • Submit to JGJ/T23-2011 technology regulation. The instrument is suitable for testing strength of tall building structure, bridge and concrete component etc.

    • Test range60-90Mpa
      Standard impact energy5.5J
      Rebound spring impact length100mm
      Stiffness of tension spring1100N/m
      Average rebound value on steel anvil83±2
      Sphere radius of rebound pole SR18mm
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