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  • 600nm to 1700nm single mode and multi-mode wavelength range optical spectrum analyzer

    Model: AE8600


    ●Single mode and multi-mode wavelength range from 600nm to 1700nm.
    ●Wide range of power measurement from +20dBm to -90dBm and wide dynamic range up to 73dB typical

    ●Outstanding wavelength & power measurement accuracy with λ resolution up to 0.02nm and built-in calibration source

    ●WDM, Laser, and EDFA test modes
    ●10.1 inch 1280x800 TFT touchscreen LCD
    ●Multiple data storage and interface – LAN (RJ-45), USB,RS232, GP-IB,etc.
    ●Customizable auto-test scenario

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    • AE8600 is a high-precision diffraction-grating, high-resolution optical spectrometer with wavelength range of 600nm to 1700nm. The 10.1 inch LCD touchscreen and concise graphical user interface of AE8600 offer the easiest way to handle optical spectrum analysis.

      AE8600 provides a wide selection of test methodology, including laser spectrum scans (DPB, FP), WDM system testing, EDFA system testing, transmittance and drift testing, which are essential for in-field and factory applications. The AE8600 offers exceptional stability and reliability, high-speed spectral sweeping, and multiple ways to export and analyze measurement data. It’s the ideal instrument for fast and precise optical spectral testing to satisfy long-term investment with the best cost performance value.


    • Optical Spectrum Measurement Specifications
      Applicable fiber SM(9.5/125μm), MMF(50/125μm, 62.5/125μm)
      Wavelength range 600~1700nm
      Wavelength resolution bandwidth 0.02~2nm
      Wavelength resolution setting 0.02nm, 0.06nm, 0.1nm, 0.2nm, 0.5nm, 1nm, 2nm
      Wavelength accuracy1520 to 1620 nm ±0.02 nm;
      1450 to 1520 nm ±0.04 nm
      Entire wavelength range :±0.1 nm
      Wavelength repeatability ±0.005 nm (1 min.)
      Wavelength linearity ±0.01nm (1520 to 1580 nm);
      ±0.02 nm (1450 to 1520 nm, 1580 to 1620 nm)
      Min. sampling resolution 0.001nm
      Optical Power Measurement Specifications
      Level sensitivity-90dBm(1300-1620nm,   resolution ≥0.05nm)
      -85dbm(1000-1300nm, resolution ≥0.05nm)
      -60dBm(600 - 1000nm, resolution≥0.05nm)
      Maximum input power +20dBm
      Level accuracy ±0.4dB(1310/1550nm, input level: -20dBm)
      Level linearity ±0.05dB( input level: -50~+10dBm)
      Wavelength sampling points (Max.) 50000
      Optical return loss >35dB (with   angled-PC connector)
      Polarization dependence ±0.05dB(1550nm)
      Dynamic rangePeak ±0.1nm 39dB (Resolution: 0.02nm)
      Peak ±0.4nm 60dB (Resolution: 0.05nm)
      Peak ±1.0nm 73dB (Resolution: 0.05nm)
      General Specificatons
      Display10.1 inch TFT LCD touch screen (Resolution: 1280×800)
      InterfaceUSB2.0 ×5, USB 3.0,   VGA, GP-IB
      RJ45 LAN port (10M/100M/1000M), RS232-DB9
      Support maximum 32GB
      Data   storage 8GB hard drive
      Operating temperature +5~+35℃
      Storage temperature -10~+50℃
      Power supplyAC:100-240V 1.7A   50~60Hz; DC 12V 5.4A max.
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